Photo upload rules

Photos can be uploaded only by registered users. If you want to upload a photo, first please register or log in using your profile from any of the supported social networks. Access to the upload form is located under the photo menu item.


Before you upload, please take time to review the below rules which we ask you to respect:


-This is firs of all an aviation portal, so only photos of aircraft are accepted. As our storage space is for the time beeing limited, we do not accept photos of e.g. catering, stewardesses, terminals etc. Such photos will only be published if they are part of an article, trip report or airport profile page.


- Primarily we are interested in photos of civil and military aircraft. On the other side, general aviation aircraft are not of major interest to us, so no Pipers or Cessnas please. Minimal aircraft size to be considered is Metro IV, Let 410 or Embraer 135/CRJ 200.


-Photos should be clear, sharp and well postprocessed. We know that not everyone is in possession of photo equipment worth thousands of euro, and not everytime its possible to photograph aircraft in perfect sunshine. Despite that, photos which will not meet our criteria will be rejected or may be published temporarily only. 


- „Artistic“ photos or any interesting photos can be uploaded into the category "Other". 


- Before upload, please check how many photos of the same aircraft are in the gallery. Photos of aircraft/airlines not yet present in our gallery have a higher chance of beeing aprooved than the 100th version of a Ryanair 737.


-For each photo, you need to fill in airline, type, registration, airport and date when photo was taken. In case the airline, aircraft type or airport is not listed, please select Not listed/Unknown. Admin will update the database accordingly and correct the data for the uploaded photo. 


Photo parameters:


-  Photos are displayed in a resolution of 1240x826 pixels. It is the minimum size of photos to be uploaded. Larger photos will be cropped automatically

- Only allowed aspect ratio is 3:2

-  Maximum image size is 2MB as storage space on server is limited. We suggest to resize your images to the above mentioned resolution before uploading them

-  Supported formats are JPG and PNG


Publishing of photos


Every uploaded photo will be screened by the site administrators. In case some criteria are not met, the photo will be rejected. In such case you will receive a message stating the reasons for the rejection. Usually the photos are aprooved/rejected within hours, although the admins might schedule the publishing for a later date/time, based on the number of photos in queue or expected visitors (which have publishing priority).





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